Our know how

Because of our long history of 30 years working with nickel- and cobalt based alloys, we have built up extensive knowledge of the material. We put this know how to use for our materials and our customers. We can assist in the machining process for parts, do research for the feasibility of a nickel/cobalt-based product or we can help with the annealing process for Mumetal shielding.

We are happy to work together on your new project! You will find more information on the website in the 'Know How'-section
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  • We have a large experience in magnetic shieldings of any shape
  • PHYNICX has design tools for application of the most suitable magnetic alloy
  • Many competitors don’t really understand the alloy, we do
  • PHYNICX has developed an improved INVAR compatible with all international norms, enhancing its CTE characteristics
  • 30 year of experience in all types of heat treatments
  • PHYNICX supports many high tech product developments
  • Quality is paramount at PHYNICX
  • PHYNICX supplies solutions