controlled expansion

INVAR (36) (1.3912)

Extremely low thermal expansion at room temperatures

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INVAR (42)

Has the lowest CTE between 20-300 °C

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15 % lower CTE than standard INVAR

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PHYNICX 48/N48 (1.3922) & PHYNICX 52/N52 (2.4478)

The highest controlled CTE of all nickel alloys

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Up to 80 % - lower CTE than INVAR 36

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KOVAR - alloy K (1.3981)

The lowest CTE Between 20-500 ºC and equal to glass and ceramics

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soft magnetic

PHYNICX 36 - FeNi36

This 36 % nickel-iron alloy has the lowest nickel percentage of the three main soft magnetic alloys.

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PHYNICX 80 - FeNi80Mo5

This high % nickel-iron alloy has a typically very high permeability. Excellent properties to shield larger magnetic fields. This material however has a relatively low saturation level.

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PHYNICX 50 - FeNi48

This nickel-iron alloy has a typically high saturation level and permeability.

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PHYNICX 4949 - Co49Fe49V2

Cobalt-iron alloys have the highest saturation polarization of all known magnetic alloys.

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PHYNICX 3030 - 3090

Dependent on the % of nickel used, and a specific final heat treatment, the curie temperature of nickel alloys can be defined.

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